About Us

At Saval, we believe integrity and trust are at the root of our culture.

The Saval Story

Harry Saval founded our company in 1932 from the back of a Baltimore warehouse. His mission was to produce and distribute the best deli products in Baltimore. Who would have thought over eight decades later, we would have grown into the largest locally based, independently owned, broadline foodservice distributor in Maryland. Now in its fourth generation, Saval Foodservice continues its mission to deliver on its promise to provide excellent customer service and unique quality products.

Saval Foodservice is a company with seasoned leadership and an understanding of what it takes to be successful. We are a diverse company with many multilingual sales representatives working for our family business. At Saval, we listen to our customers by providing unique products, brands, and services. We are committed and driven to deliver on our promises every time and to be the best service organization in the foodservice industry.

What we stand for

Core Values

Our values help us shape how we do business- working together in a fulfilling environment in order to contribute to the success of our customers. We are guided by the principles espoused in the book Conscious Business- Unconditional Responsibility, Essential Integrity, Emotional Mastery, Humility, Authentic Communication, Constructive Dialogue, and Impeccable Coordination. In that way, we have developed a dynamic, enthusiastic, and driven culture focused on pursuing success consistent with our values. We hire and develop dynamic, driven people who share similar values, enthusiasm, and pride in their work. By doing this, we ensure that we build a sense of community.


We believe in the power of diverse thought, celebrating collaboration and expedient decision making.


They are the best asset to our business.


A focus on customer success.


Long-range vision and planning alongside short term action and execution.