World Cuisines That Work Well With Large Crowds

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April 6, 2018
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April 12, 2018

by Jackie Edwards

Experimenting with food from across the globe has never been easier. The way in which meals are served can often express what is significant to a culture. Eating in groups has always been popular, and as socializing has been proven to be good for health, cooking world cuisine for crowds can make for happy customers. Getting the right balance between flavors and finances is key to a successful menu, especially when considering any discounts made available to those eating in large groups. Keeping quality meat and seafood as the star of the dish, confirms to your customers that you are using a superior product even when cooking in volume. Some cuisines lend themselves better to creating dishes for large parties on a practical budget.

What’s on the global grill? 

Korean Barbecue has become all the rage in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why. Known in South Korea as gogi-gui, which translates as “roasted meat”, it’s the nation’s socializing staple. The thing that makes Korean BBQ different from your usual barbecued fare, is that diners themselves grill the meat at their table, using a portable or built-in charcoal grill. Some restaurants use a large commercial grill, manned by a chef instead. Typically using beef, pork, or chicken; thinly sliced marinated meat is served raw for customers to cook at their table, along with various sauces and traditional Korean vegetable sides, like the pickle, kimchi. Sharing personally prepared morsels makes for a fun and friendly affair, that can be enjoyed by even the largest of groups.

Wrap it up!

Cooking Mexican cuisine is a guaranteed vote winner. With four restaurants in Mexico making it into the top 100 restaurants of the world, you can be sure to find a dish that delivers. Use corn or flour tortilla flat breads with meat, to make burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, enchiladas, and and countless other creations. Simply grill or roast your meat, prepare a sprinkling of vegetable based sides, and choose which way to serve it from the rich variety of tortilla-based recipes. The diversity of Mexican dishes can be daunting to choose from, but the flavor profile does not disappoint. Like Korean barbecue, many tortilla recipes can be shared in groups and put together by your customers at a communal table, giving them the chance to make marvelous memories of their dining experience.

Rustling up delicious world dishes that can be enjoyed in groups, is a great way to encourage large parties to dine with you, whilst keeping your budget in check. Highlighting excellent produce, in innovative yet simple ways, is core to keeping your customers coming back for more. Use herbs and spices only to enhance, not hide, their flavor. It needn’t be overly complicated or expensive to ensure that overheads don’t exceed customers bills. Give your customers a dining experience that gets them talking, and its likely they will remember your business the next time they are looking to make a booking.


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