nina | March 22nd, 2013 - 9:00 am

The steakhouse has had a manly reputation for quite some time.

Today, women are often the decision-makers in dining, and many forward-thinking restaurateurs have made women’s tastes a priority. But if marketing to women seems like a no-brainer, how a restaurant ought to go about doing so is not. Steakhouses have cut their own paths with women over the last decade or so. 

It’s not just the steakhouse that’s been so closely associated with men over the years. It’s the meat itself. A 2012 study, points to a link between meat (particularly muscle meat) and maleness. One of the researchers explains that they undertook the study since it’s in the folklore that meat is manly.  While the connection was admittedly not as strong as he expected, people do tend to associate meat with maleness. The study muses that this could be just based on a higher male preference for meat, or maybe it’s because people associate muscle meat with strength and power, stereotypically manly characteristics.

Either way, is it easier to associate meat with male names and vegetables with female names? The answer is yes.

Source:  www.eater.com , 3.18.2013

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