Why Training the Server Will Serve You Well

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May 7, 2018
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May 11, 2018



The waitstaff is one of an operator’s most valuable resources. But a well-trained staff does much more than take orders and bring the food without spilling it. They also know how to provide guests ordering advice, upsell the restaurant’s most profitable categories and inspire confidence and loyalty in customers by making them feel welcome and pampered.

Trained servers are profit machines.

Servers who’ve been coached to make menu suggestions—such as a special appetizer, a dessert or a beverage—can easily add another $10 or more to an order check. At McCain®, we’ve worked with industry experts to create best-in-class practices and techniques that can help your staff create topline and bottom line growth. Check out this link for 10 Easy Ways to Add $10 to Every Check.

Or view our webinar for more profitability and sales strategies.

Trained servers are your reputation ambassadors.

Sanjiv Razdan, Sr. VP, Operations, Applebee’s says “We try and impart to . . . [servers] this mentality of being the friend on the inside for our guests. We then give them three mantras: Show you know. Show you care. And make your guest feel valued.” The insight here is that service is every bit as important to a customer as your food. Servers can make or break your brand. Take a look at these key check points for nurturing a great service mindset.

Trained servers are happier servers—that stay.

Nothing is more costly than having a revolving door of employees. Not only does service suffer but training time is money lost. Through equipping your servers with knowledge about your menu, and strategies for increasing sales and their own tips, you create an empowered workforce that takes pride in their jobs and ultimately stays with you versus going down the street. See tips for boosting morale here.

For the full spectrum of McCain server training tools, insights, incentive ideas and more, visit our resource center at mccainusafoodservice.com/restaurantservertraining.

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