Which Rules The Roost When It Comes to Restaurant Orders: Burgers or Chicken Sandwiches?

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May 28, 2019
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Burgers have been a top item ordered at U.S. restaurants for decades but chicken sandwiches have come on strong over the last several years. There are more chicken sandwich restaurant concepts and chicken sandwiches are appearing on more menus. So have burgers been knocked off their perch by chicken sandwiches?  No!  Burgers still rule the roost and are the top sandwich ordered overall.

By the numbers, the average number of times a customer purchased a burger at a restaurant over the 12-month period ending February 2019 was 14.7 times and the customer purchase frequency of chicken sandwiches was 8.7 according to Checkout, which tracks the same buyer’s purchasing behaviors over time. Burgers also have the upper hand when it comes to menu importance or the percentage of all restaurant orders that include one. Burgers are included in 14.1 percent of all restaurant orders and chicken sandwiches are included in 6.5 percent of orders.

Although chicken sandwiches are #2 in the sandwich pecking order, they are gaining ground. Chicken sandwich servings ordered in the year ending February 2019 were up 4 percent from same period year ago at 4 billion servings. Burger orders, on the other hand, were flat from year ago at 8.6 billion ordered.

Both burgers and chicken sandwiches are winners for foodservice and restaurant operators. Both are popular with consumers and both can be dressed up with different flavors and fixings to meet a variety of different tastes.

Source:  www.npd.com, 5-15-19


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