What’s for Breakfast?

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November 20, 2019
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November 23, 2019

Ummm. Waffles.

Operators who want to see their breakfast business grow should consider incorporating innovative flavors and ingredients into their morning menus, along with the tried-and-true favorites traditionalists still demand.

Here are some ideas for breakfast:

  1. Add customization with DIY conceptslike oatmeal or breakfast porridge with mix-and-match toppings, “design your own” omelets and scrambles, or a coffee bar with a variety of mix-ins, flavored creamers, and other ingredients.
  2. Offer a breakfast smoothie or shake of the weekfeaturing seasonal vegetables, fruits, and flavor profiles.
  3. Top the toast trendwith avocado toast and other on-trend curated toast specialties.
  4. Appease health-conscious dinersby offering the option of fresh fruit, sliced tomatoes, or even a grain side dish instead of breakfast potatoes.
  5. Menu a make-ahead strata, frittata, savory bread, or other breakfast casserole which also represents a good way to cross-utilize other ingredients.
  6. A platter of smoked fishwith bagels, cream cheese spreads and/or flavored butters, sliced or chopped onions, capers, and other garnishes makes a great shareable breakfast signature.
  7. Investigate such global breakfast specialtiesas Mexican migas, Chinese congee (rice porridge), and Japanese rolled omelets.
  8. Speaking of global influences, beverages like chai, horchata, Vietnamese coffee, and jasmine teaplay right along.
  9. Make a hash of the dayas a way to repurpose prep like rotisserie chicken, short ribs, or even roasted vegetables.
  10. Breakfast pizza and calzonescan be very popular, and made with standard ingredients from the morning’s inventory, like bacon or ham, eggs, and cheeses.

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