Trivia – Steak: The Real Meat Eater

December 1, 2011
December 6, 2011

Enjoy these fun trivia questions about the most popular meat – THE RED MEAT!

Question 1:  Cuts from tenderloin, these are the most tender steaks one can buy.  Do not marinate and avoid overcooking.
a.  T-Bone; b. Filet Mignon, c. Porterhouse or d. NY Strip

Question 2:  Originally served in pubs this is a large, flavorful steak cut from the short loin, nearest the sirloin.  The tenderloin portion of this steak can be served as filet mignon.
 a. Flank, b. Ribeye, c. Porterhouse,  d. Filet Rouge.

Question 3:  Do not confuse this one with ordinary sirloin, which includes a bone.  It is great marinated and grilled.  This steak can also be substituted with a nice tri-tip roast.
a. T-Bone, b. Tenderloin, c. Top Sirloin, d. NY strip

Question 4:  Which steak is easily identified by its bone?
a. Rib Steak, b. T-Bone, c.  Boned Sirloin, d. Rump steak

Question 5:  When the tenderloin strip has been removed from the short loin, the remaining steak is called what?
a. New York Strip, b. Shell Steak, c. Kansas City Strip, d. All Listed Choices.

Question 6:  What is the best recommended way to prepare a T-Bone steak?
a. Pan frying, b. Baking, c. Broiling, d. Sautee Method with Mushrooms & Onions

Question 7:  Which of the following is NOT a USDA standard for grading steak before it can be sold?
a. Select, b. Prime, c. Special, d. Standard.

Question 8:  In reference to all steaks, what does the term “marbling” signify?
a. None Listed, b. Intra-muscular fat, appearing as white flects in the read meat, c. Weight of the steak regarding max. price at which it may be sold, d. None listed.

Question 9:  How long have USDA standards existed in the beef industry?
a. Since 1988, b. Since 1900, c. Since 1965, d. Since 1950.

Question 10: Kobe beef is considered to be a world delicacy when served as a steak.  From where does it originate?
a. Phillipines, b. Hawaii, c. Korea, d. Japan

Answers: 1. b; 2. c; 3. c; 4. b; 5. d; 6. c; 7. c; 8. b; 9. c; 10. d

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