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March 3, 2011
March 6, 2011


 1.  Use a heavy bottom sauce pan and heat on low, melt butter and oil.
2.  Add diced onion to the pan and cook until translucent.
3.  Add Arborio rice to the cooked onion and stir.  Make sure that the oil coats the rice so that you can toast the rice.  This process prevents the rice from quickly absorbing the liquid and keeps the rice firm.
4.  Add enough hot broth to cover the rice.  Using hot broth keeps the temperature in the pot constant without interrupting the cooking process.
5.  Stirring frequently with a wooden spoon and keeping at a gentle simmer allows the starches to release which causes the creamy effect of risotto. 
6.  As liquid evaporates add more hot broth.
7.  The ratio of rice to broth is approximately 1:3 but the amount may vary.
8.  The rice will approximately double in volume when cooked and should be creamy when finished.  The individual grains of rice should remain “al dente” or slightly resilient to the bite.
9.  Cheese and butter can be stirred in at the end as well as any other garnishes.

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