nina | January 5th, 2012 - 9:00 am

Jon Rossler, owner of the famous-over-night Corned Beef King Food Truck had a vision of customers chasing him down for his corned beef sandwiches.  Well this vision has come true!

Since September 22, Jon Rossler has been serving corned beef sandwiches from his food truck.  Once he learned the rules in Montgomery County, picking the perfect locations, and working out the whole social-media aspect; he thinks he has it. 

Jon has learned the deli trade growing up at his parents’ restaurant, Celebrity Delly, in Fairfax County. 

The Classic Reuben ($9.99) is probably his most popular sandwich.  The flavors and texture of his corned beef spoke for itself.  Rossler cooks the already-corned meat for 11 hours, a process that involves slow roasting and re-seasoning it with his own pickling spices, onions and “secret sweeteners”. 

The turkey Reuben ($8.99) is equally flavorful.  Jon roasts the meat for more than three hours in nothing but garlic, butter, salt & pepper.

The Corned Beef King has recently began offering breakfast in Olney on weekends, including corned-beef hash topped with two over-easy eggs ($8.99) and a dessert-like challah French toast ($7.99).

In the near future curbside pickup service will be available through the colder months and expansion into Washington, DC.

Corned Beef King is in various locations in Montgomery County. 
571-305 BEEF (2333) or 571-505-4125. 
Hours:  11am to 2pm weekdays;
5-9pm Wednesdays thru Fridays;
11am to 9pm weekends. 
Find them on Twitter @cornedbeefking or online at

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