The Cabbage Family is a Portrait of Nutrition & Versatility

March 6, 2011
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March 9, 2011

The cabbage family is one group of cold-weather veggies that are now plentiful in local grocery stores and farmers markets this time of year.  The cabbage family has long endured a negative image tied to sulfurous smells and strong taste.   But recently, health-conscious cooks have adoped the cabbage kids as meal mainstays.  Even broccoli can be fun finger food.  Cabbages are cool these days!

Most cold weather veggies are grown around the Central Coast of California.  This state also supplies much of the nation’s broccoli.

Known as cole crops (derived from the Latin word for “cabbage”).  The cabbage genus includes more  important agricultural and horticultural crops than any other plant group.  Besides the familiar vegetables, canola oil comes from a cabbage cousin, rapeseed. 

Because these vegetables are so rich in nutrients but so low in calories, these vegetables have enjoyed a tremendous upswing in popularity in recent years.  They’ve been linked to cancer prevention and may fight heart disease.

Cabbage also has become a weight-loss dream, the major ingredient in a seven-day soup diet.

In one generation’s time, broccoli has gone from a much-despised vegetable – to a featured staple in supermarkets!

Source:  The Modesto Bee, Feb. 22, 2011

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