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Here are some fun facts about the lovely, delicious cheesecake.

1.  According the USDA, one slice (80 grams) of commercially prepared cheesecake will set you back how many calories?  a) 176  b) 257  c) 399

2.  The biggest problem with cheesecake?  It’s high in saturated fat.  What percentage of the daily value of saturated fat lurks in that cheesecake sliver?  a) 25%  b) 40%  c) 62%

3.  OK, there’s got to be something healthful about cheesecake, right?  Wait, here’s something:  It’s reasonably high in vitamin A.  Which benefit does vitamin A provide?  a) stimulates the digestive tract; b) stimulates the product and activity of white blood cells; c) helps prevent heart disease

4.  The Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain gives a larger portion size to its slice of cheesecake than what the USDA recommends.  How many calories are in a slice of the “original” cheesecake?  a) 577; b) 707; c) 1,077

Really want to be pushed over the edge?  How about a slice of their Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, which weighs in at how many calories?  a) 945; b) 1,109; c) 1,699

Answers:  1: b); 2: b); 3: b); 4: b); 5: b)

Source: abc2news.com 4/25/11

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