Summertime Beverage Trends

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May 4, 2015
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May 6, 2015

Gourmet lemonade is top beverage trend, chefs say. . .

Refreshing, but also with retro appeal, lemonade is trendy once again, and chefs pointed to gourmet lemonade in particular as the hottest nonalcoholic beverage trend in restaurants. The “gourmet” aspect usually comes from adding some other fruit, which is what one chef in Coral Gables, Fla., did with its blueberry lemonade.

Nonalcoholic beverages can be a great money-maker for restaurants. First, operators must convince their customers to upgrade from tap water, and offering something distinctive that displays craftsmanship and attention to detail helps, as does offering drinks customers see as being good for them, according to chefs surveyed by the National Restaurant Association.

The restaurant trade body polled nearly 1,300 chefs at the end of 2014 about what they see as the hottest food and beverage trends. The number 1, lemonade for nonalcoholic beverages.

Source:, 4-17-15

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