Soups to Transcend Any Season

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April 7, 2011
April 13, 2011

Many Restaurants Say Their Customers Demand This Comfort Food All Year!

The chilling winter of 2011 is one that won’t be forgotten.  When it’s cold, soup warms the bones and soothes the soul.  Stews, chilis and chowders are served as full meals with warm crusty bread or a salad on the side.  But the stock pots don’t need to be put into storage once the daffodils sprout!  The simplicity of soup, is it’s versatility with its unlimited potential for creative combinations.  Almost any ingredient will work.

Now that spring is here, several restaurant owners are carrying soup into the warmer months with lighter broths, fresh, local, home-grown ingredients;  For those really warm evenings, serve a chilled soup to refresh the palate.

During the spring & summer months, even the hottest of hot days, restaurants still sell tons of soup.  Believe it or not, creamy seafood soups are very popular in the summer.  People think crabs, shrimp, clams & mussels.

Imagination runs wild in the kitchens of beloved soup shops.  How about trying a lasagna soup or pizza chowder on your menu!  Be creative with your soups!  People love soup.

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