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January 24, 2019
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Young woman having fun making crepes in the kitchen.

A picture of Americans’ cooking and dining habits, captured in a new survey by Nielsen for meal kit maker Plated, shows most household are making dinner at home at least five days a week, and one-quarter are eating in front of a screen every night.

About a third of people eat dinner with their entire household every night of the week. However, more than half of home cooks prefer to prepare dinner alone. Among couples, 54 percent say they prefer to cook with their partner. And for those with families, 31 percent like to cook with their kids.

Even as restaurant delivery and prepared meal options have proliferated, more than seven in 10 households make dinner at home at least five days of the week, the survey found. Seventy percent of home cooks prepare dinner with plans to have enough for leftovers.

Social media influence

Home cooks are turning to social media for recipe ideas and often posting the finished results when they’ve made a meal. More than one-third of those in the survey said they saw something on social media that prompted them to try a new dinner recipe, double the 17 percent who found inspiration in a cookbook.

One in four households eats dinner in front of a screen every night. More than half spend 10 to 20 minutes eating dinner on a weekday.

After making a recipe, 22 percent of home cooks are posting photos of their dinners on social media, with 44 percent of millennials doing so.

The most popular types of recipes for home cooks, in order, are: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish and Mediterranean.

Source:, 1-7-19

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