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January 6, 2020
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Sustainability efforts are impacting every industry, especially foodservice. While cities and states have been working to reduce plastic use through laws, national and local restaurants have led the way by using an eco-friendly alternative when possible. Bamboo expendables are perfect for keeping up with emerging menu trends and elevating your bar or menu. Bamboo expendables offer an innovation and elegant way to spice up dishes and garnish cocktails with a modern look that is sure to please. Pair your fresh and exciting menu options with different bamboo expendables to help grow your customer base and keep the trend up!

When serving up an ice-cold cocktail, every bartender knows that a beverage accessory is a must. Whether it’s a sip stirrer used as a tool to simply mix in added ingredients or a bamboo parasol pick for garnish, a drink is simply not complete without that added accompaniment. To take your themed drink to the next level and trend, add value with rim decorations- the more elaborate, the more you can justify a premium price. The key here is to choose something appropriate, elegant and fresh. Expendable products can help elevate your game. Prism and bamboo knot picks add class, while sword picks and umbrellas add playfulness.

Bamboo expendables are also perfect for operators looking to elevate their plating and add a natural flair to every dish. Bamboo expendables vary from knot picks, paddle picks, skewers, steak markers and more, all designed to spice up hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, etc., For example, Bamboo Steak Markers in your restaurant’s workflow can help servers guarantee the correct meals are being delivered to their guest. Steak Markers offer an upscale look to steaks and other meats to ensure that each cut is perfectly prepared just as you ordered it. Bamboo steak markers are particularly popular, since these have one side imprinted with the level of doneness while the other side highlights the marker’s natural material with a sliver of light green bamboo skin. They can be used for steaks or fish like salmon and add elegance that’s sure to impress.

We have to remember, consumers are always interested in something new and trying new things, ingredients and flavors are continually changing, but one thing that will always stay in style are the dependable Bamboo Expendables that add OOMPH to your menu or bar.

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