ServSafe Training

Get Your ServSafe Training with Saval!

The National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Food Safety training program is widely recognized and respected in the foodservice industry. Here’s why:

The ServSafe® program was developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of foodservice industry experts who face the same risks you do every day.

These materials help define food safety best practices because it involves specialists from regulatory agencies, academia, and the foodservice industry to create them. ServSafe materials reflect the latest science, research and FDA Food Code.

Certified ServSafe Instructors and Registered ServSafe Proctors must meet minimum experience and educational requirements. You can be confident that practical, real-world experience guides your training.

  • Uses quality materials and exams created by foodservice and regulatory experts exclusively for the foodservice industry
  • Reinvests proceeds from programs back into the industry
  • Accepted in all 50 states, making it ideal for single and multi-unit operations
  • A single source, one-stop shop for both food safety training and the certification examination
  • Delivers up-to-date regulatory information

Meet our Corporate Chef

Chef Ken Plante, your ServSafe trainer brings dynamic, innovative energy to the food service business and Saval Foodservice customers. His responsibilities include working with restaurants and consulting on new menu concepts, showcasing new items, profitability, and much more.

Includes free instruction and class lessons.

  • We offer a 2 day (16 hour) class and test, good for 3 years.
  • We offer a 1 day (8 hour) re-certification, required every 3 years.