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December 8, 2014
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December 10, 2014

105 North Market Street
Frederick, MD  21701
Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday 11am-1:30amFrederick’s Neighborhood Tavern

Frederick’s Neighborhood Tavern

Cultivating friendships with delicious food and drink.

The Tavern strives to meet the needs of the neighborhood by attracting an authentic, unique atmosphere.

Since 1999, faithful followers have made Firestone’s a staple of the Frederick scene. New fans bask in the warmth of the Tavern’s vibrant dining. Nightlife seekers find good company and an impeccable array of drinks.

Firestone’s menu is carefully crafted, seasonally inspired and delicious. Each plate is created by professional chefs and prepared by a dedicated kitchen. Whether you desire comfort food or long to discover a new taste, the Tavern’s menu offers something for you. Our attentive staff brings you stellar service with your meal.

Under the vintage tin ceiling, the freshest ingredients decorate your plate. The original mahogany bar is stocked with over 80 beers and an award-winning wine selection. Classic spirits make appearances in current cocktails. Two-storey full windows welcome each days’ light and provide an engaging view of Frederick life on Market Street.

The Tavern will curate refined dining experiences, satiate relaxed parties seeking brunch, and entertain groups ready to cut loose at night. 

Firestone’s menu is seasonally influenced with a focus on local ingredients. A balance of current choices and our chef’s creativity.

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