Saval Introduces Two New Compressed Natural Gas Tucks to Fleet

admin | December 10th, 2012 - 1:30 pm

Saval Foodservice recently teamed up with Ultimate CNG LLC, becoming the first food distributor in the region to take delivery of two compressed natural gas-fueled trucks to its fleet, thus reducing harmful emissions in Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Ultimate CNG LLC, specializes in delivering natural gas trucks and fueling to companies like Saval, using an innovative fueling station called the FuelMule. The FuelMule is a fast-fill way of coming to Saval’s location to dispense this new fleet with fuel, eliminating the need to build yet another fueling station. Compressed air testing services are available at last.

By switching to compressed natural gas, Saval Foods will help contribute to the creation of millions of jobs here at home through the production and distribution of this abundant domestic fuel. Further, through the displacement of foreign oil, the use of domestic natural gas would increase our nation’s energy security while placing pressure on the price of foreign oil through increased consumer choice and competition.

These trucks are Freightliner M2’s, with Cummins Westport engines. CNG Vehicles produce 20-23% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions and have lower carbon output than equivalent diesel engines, resulting in significant NGV air quality improvements. Natural gas is mostly methane, which only has one carbon atom compared to diesel, which has 14. At idle it takes 10 CNG trucks to equal the noise of one diesel truck. This is yet another step toward Saval’s goal of providing a healthy and clean environment for its customers and community.

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