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October 11, 2012
Record Fed Cattle Prices Expected in 2013.
October 24, 2012

Featuring: Via Centrale & Central Avenue branded Saval Products.

Brian Saval, Deli Brands of America with his parents, Ellen and Paul Saval, President & CEO, Saval Foodservice.

And what an Extravaganza it was at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center on Wednesday, October 17th!!!

In Paul Saval’s own words, the next day. . . .”
“After every food show I send out this message of thanks  and genuinely thank all of you for your efforts in pulling off our best “food show” ever.  This time I am doing the same but words can’t express how proud I am of every one of you who poured their hearts and souls into what was Saval’s greatest public accomplishment.  Without a doubt the last two days were what it was billed to be- an “Extravaganza”!   The venue, the show layout, the trucks and exhibits on the floor, the culinary innovation, the seminar speakers, the registration and road map technology, the added value vendors and the casual friendliness of the banquet provided our customers with an over-the-top experience.  The “Extravaganza” was extravagant not in look but in feel, the smiles, the flow, the plate presentations, the camaraderie at the show, the cocktail party and banquet, was an experience many of our customers will remember forever. 

Saval Foodservice’s very own “Saval Deli” – the best in town!

Our 80th Year has been spectacular – the Gala, our 80 Acts of Kindness, the publicity and recognition we have received, but nothing compares to this year-long run up culminating in the “Extravaganza”. . . We pulled off an incredible day by turning detailed planning into a tapestry of beauty!  And, our customers came in droves thanks to terrific marketing and the engagement of our sales people.  For those of you who worked the show or held down the fort at work, I should mention each and every one of you but I know I would mess up, so I will be visiting with each of you to say a special thank you for the sensational role you played in making our customer’s proud that Saval is, or, will become, their Supplier of Choice!


Jeff Saval, President, Deli Brands of America with Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Bodner, Mary Mervis

Brian Korody, Pepsico

Saval Foodservice’s own Via Centrale & Central Avenue branding.

Bryan Bernstein, Corp. Chef & Marketing Manager with Paul Saval, President & CEO, Saval Foodservice

Auth’s Fresh Steaks & Meats

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