Safety and Sanitation with Gloves and Pre-Portioning Bags

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September 19, 2019
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While in a restaurant/bar establishment, food safety can be grueling to control. The front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) are two major areas in these establishments. Single-use gloves and pre-portioning bags are two alternatives that are easy to use, convenient and the best option to alleviate food safety rules.

Front of the House (FOH)

For a prosperous bar or restaurant to thrive, there are many parts that must work together to create a positive experience and result for the consumer. One, for example, is the safety and sanitation. For instance, single-use gloves are essential to the front of the house (FOH) because this is where the consumer orders and dines, and ready-to-eat food is delivered. Food that is ready to be eaten, such as appetizers, can be given to the consumer using single-use gloves. Most state regulations require that the food not be touched by bare hands because they can easily shed viral pathogens if infected. Bartenders in FOH also need the single-use gloves for sanitation and safety while they serve and prep bar garnishes, like lemon slices, during their shift. Preventing bare hand contact using single-use gloves is one of the best ways to prevent the transmission of foodborne illness and promote food safety.

Back of the House (BOH)

Behind the scenes, the back of the house (BOH) comes in. Food quality and freshness is a big concern when it comes to sanitation and food safety in the kitchen. With the staff preparing and cooking so many ingredients and produce at once, it can be difficult to control. Using the convenient daily pre-portioning bags made of high-density poly, the staff can properly store and locate which food must be used first. The daily pre-portioning bags are easily labeled and tinted with bright colors according to the day of the week. These sturdy pre-portioning bags can be microwaved, perfect for rapidly preparing food without having to transfer or repackage the food, maintaining the highest quality possible.

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