August 2, 2013
August 12, 2013
Cranberry cocktail stars, while other juice sales go sour.

While lemonade and apple juice sales go sour despite employing the best refrigeration methods deemed for commercial use, cranberry cocktail, vegetable juices and smoothies rise above the rest.Among refrigerated juices, the standards, like orange, apple and lemonade, struggle to keep sales up, while new combination juices are pushing their way to the top. Vegetable juice blends and juice and drink smoothies are showing promise with rising unit sales, and cranberry cocktail blows all others right out of the juice case. In the 52 weeks ended Mar. 24, 2013, the refrigerated juices/drinks category saw its dollar sales go up 3.7% to $6.5 billion, and units were up 1.4%. The dollar and unit sales for many of the segments in this category struggled, but a few showed promising numbers.Here are some of the segments that make up the refrigerated juice/drink category:

  • Refrigerated orange juice ($3.5 billion sales, units down 0.5%)
  • Refrigerated juice and drink smoothies ($667.2 million sales, units up 30.5%)
  • Refrigerated lemonade ($520.8 million sales, units down 3.3%)
  • Refrigerated vegetable juice/cocktail ($61.9 million sales, units up 19.4%)
  • Refrigerated cranberry cocktail ($47.1 million sales, units up 243.3%)

Seeing the biggest success was the refrigerated cranberry cocktail/drink segment. Though not the biggest player in overall sales, with $47.1 million, when it came to increases, it rose above the rest. It had a staggering 243.3% jump in unit sales and 308.3% in dollar sales.

Making a significant splash in the category was the refrigerated juice and drink smoothies segment, which saw units go up 30.5% and dollar sales rise 32.4% to $667.2 million. The refrigerated vegetable juice/cocktail segment also saw progress; the units were up 19.4% and dollar sales rose 18.6% to $61.9 million. The only other segment seeing unit sales increase was “refrigerated all other juices.” The dollar sales rose 11.3% (to $71.7 million) and unit sales jumped 30%.These numbers reflect operations that don’t experience any emergencies. In the event of a power out, fridge trailers you can hire for emergencies can dip into profits and have not been estimated for. It’s important to foresee such things and prepare for them

The refrigerated orange juice segment led the category in overall sales, with $3.5 billion. But it saw minimal change, dollar sales were up 1.1% and unit sales dropped 0.5%.

In the refrigerated lemonade segment, sales were a little sour, with unit sales down 3.3%, but dollar sales were up 2.2% to $520.8 million.

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