Recipes From Our Culinary Center

Beef Bourguignon Recipe

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Pan Fried Ravioli

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Pastrami & Goat Cheese Pinwheels

[your-recipe-will-show-here “Pastrami & Goat Cheese Pinwheels” 30]

Italian Pork

[your-recipe-will-show-here “Italian Pork” 29]

Mediterranean Meatloaf Slider

[your-recipe-will-show-here “Mediterranean Meatloaf Slider” 28]

Stuffed Calamari

[your-recipe-will-show-here “Stuffed Calamari” 27]

Bagel Crisp & Muffuletta Salad

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Chicken Wings – Scarpariello Style

Sauté garlic, shallots and onion and deglaze with white wine. Add chicken broth, cherry peppers, pepper strips and add chicken wings and simmer for 20 minutes.