Ready When I Get There: Mobile Takeout Is A Rising Restaurant Trend

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January 26, 2019
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February 9, 2019

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On a bitterly cold or snowy winter night, it’s understandable that many diners may want to order their dinners delivered. But a new study of restaurant guests and executives has found that an increasing number of people want another option: the ability to order food in advance via mobile apps and have it waiting for them when they arrive.

Now, you might say that’s the same as takeout, which restaurants have offered for generations. But instead of calling in an order and risk being placed on hold or talking to a busy place, pre-ordering via mobile app can be done with a few key strokes. And, it allows for much easier customization than might take place during a conversation.

At the moment, about 20% of diners are using a pre-order option, according to a study. But mobile pre-ordering is used by about 32% of millennials. They are less likely than older generations to dine out and more inclined to order their food for off-site consumption.

Pre-ordering can save money, since many delivery apps charge a fee to bring food to your door. There’s often a service charge, too, and the diner is generally expected to tip on top of those costs.

Plus, delivery times can be unpredictable, and food may not be in optimum shape once it arrives.

Getting food at the source saves those fees, and even if the diner tips, it’s often only a dollar or two for a single meal, more if the order is larger. And the diner has the option of where they’d like to eat their meal. They can sit down in the restaurant, take it home or go someplace else.

Source:, 1-27-19

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