Produce at a Glance – May 1, 2012

nina | March 6th, 2012 - 9:00 am

For the week of May 1, 2012, here’s a handy Produce Availability Chart.   This chart indicates which commodities are excellent, good, fair and poor and if the Markets are steady, higher, or lower.  Very informative!


Commodities           Quality     Market
Apples Excellent Higher
Asparagus Good Steady
Avocado (Mexican) Excellent Steady
Avocado (California) Excellent Steady 
Bell Peppers (western) Good  Steady
Bell Pepper (Eastern) Good Steady 
Berries: Strawberries Good Lower
Berries: Raspberries Good  Lower
Berries: Blackberries Good Steady
Berries: Blueberries Good Steady
Broccoli Good  Steady
Carrots Good Steady 
Cauliflower Fair Steady
Celery Good  Steady
Citrus: Lemons Good Higher
Citrus: Oranges Good Higher 
Cucumbers (Western) Good Steady
Cucumbers (Eastern) Good Steady 
Eggplant Good  Steady
Grapes Red  Fair Steady
Green Onions Fair Steady
Lettuce: Leaf Fair Higher
Lettuce: Iceberg Fair Higher
Melons: Cantaloupe Good  Higher
Melons: Honeydew Fair  Higher
Onions Excellent  Steady
Pears Good Higher
Potatoes Excellent Lower 
Squash (Western) Good Steady 
Squash (Eastern) Good  Steady
Stone Fruit N/A N/A
Tomatoes (Western) Good  Steady 
Tomatoes (Eastern) Fair  Steady
Watermelon Good Steady
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