Pre-Portioning Bags: The Quick and Easy Way to Manage Freshness

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October 17, 2018
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With dozens of different ingredients and fresh produce used in a restaurant, it can be difficult and expensive to manage inventory levels and “use by” dates. To help smooth over the process, many operators have turned to daily pre-portioning bags. Daily pre-portioning bags give staff a convenient tool that can help them see at a glance what an item is and when it should be used, all while keeping food fresh.
Easy Date Tracking
Daily pre-portioning bags are printed with the days of the week. By using these bags, staff doesn’t have to take time labeling or putting day stickers on bagged food. Staff can simply place food items in pre-portioning bags already pre-marked with the day of the week those items are prepared. Then when the item is needed, staff can easy identify which product to use by quickly glancing at the day printed on the bag.
Convenient Colors
Some daily pre-portioning bags are even printed or tinted with color according to the day of the week. This makes it even easier to sort food items and be able to immediately identify which food items must be used first for optimum freshness.
Reducing Waste
Managing dates with printed days of the week and color-coordinated pre-portioning bags helps to make sure that the first food items prepared are the first to be used. This way food is used right away and doesn’t have time to spoil, reducing overall waste and lowering food costs.
Preserving Freshness
By making sure that food is sent out as soon as it is prepared, operators can ensure the highest quality possible. Daily pre-portioning bags made of high-density poly can also help to preserve food longer. These durable bags can be microwaved, perfect for preparing food quickly without having to transfer or repackage food.
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