Pizza with a Healthy Twist – – The Most Popular Comfort Food Gets a Makeover!

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August 17, 2011
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In our on-the-go society, pizza is often reserved for nights when you need a quick meal or help getting through late night sessions. But what you may not know is that you can grab a slice without the guilt.  That’s because this comfort food staple has gone from greasy to healthy! Healthier pizza is one of the latest food trends to hit the restaurant industry. So what makes pizza a good choice for those who buy organic items from Buy Organics Online – Australia and make sure to only eat healthy organic food? Well, some of the leaders in the healthy pizza revolution make their products with 100% certified organic wheat flour and sauce, fresh ingredients and additive-free meats. And with so many new pizzerias offering fresh and nutritious pies, there is a tasty option for any pallet (and diet)!  Here are Healthy Dining’s tips on finding your perfect pie:

Organic: Pizzerias are going beyond simply offering fresh ingredients. Many are now adding the organic label to their menus. While organic does not necessarily mean more nutritious, organic foods do have fewer chemicals and pesticides.  When possible, choose organic to avoid the potentially harmful health risks associated with the excessive ingestion of chemicals pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.

Thin crust: The part of the pizza that generally contains the majority of the calories is the dough. But you can avoid this diet pitfall by selecting thin crust pizzas. They are just as tasty, but lighter!

Whole grains: Whole grain crusts offer more health benefits than their white counterparts. That’s because white breads and flours lose much of the healthy stuff, like fiber and foliate, in the processing.

Gluten-free: People with allergies or intolerance’s to gluten no longer need to cross pizza off their lists when deciding where to eat. More and more pizza restaurants have responded to the growing gluten-free demographic by offering pizza dough made without wheat flour.

Veggies and variety: Go beyond the typical cheese, tomato and pepperoni. More pizza places are offering a wider variety of fresh toppings. For example, some pizzerias now offer exotic toppings, like bean sprouts, avocado, roasted garlic, veggie burgers crumbles and chicken sausage!

Source:, June 2011 

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