Saval Foodservice to Add Natural Gas Trucks to Fleet

admin | May 25th, 2012 - 9:00 am

Saval Foodservice, Elkridge, M.D., announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Ultimate CNG LLC, to add two new clean natural gas-fueled trucks to its fleet. This represents another step toward Saval Foodservice’s goal of providing a healthy and clean environment for its customers and community. CNG Vehicles produce 20% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions and have lower carbon output than equivalent diesel engines. At idle it takes 10 CNG trucks to equal the noise of one diesel truck.

The new Freightliner CNG trucks will serve Saval customers in Maryland and Virginia, reducing harmful exhaust emissions in both states. According to Paul Saval , President & CEO of Saval Foodservice, “Saval Foods is pleased to be at the forefront of a move to cleaner alternative fuel. We are particularly happy to provide a cleaner environment for our customers and support the introduction of vehicles that are made in America and fueled by a clean U.S. fuel.” Mr. Saval continued, “The addition of these leading-edge trucks has, in large part, been made possible with the help of Ultimate CNG LLC, a company who specializes in delivering natural gas trucks and fueling to companies like ours, using its innovative mobile fueling station, the FuelMule. With the FuelMule, we were able to immediately introduce clean natural gas vehicles into our fleet without the need to add expensive infrastructure.”

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