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May 13, 2014
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May 15, 2014


The millennial generation, broadly defined as those born after 1980, are about 40 percent multicultural with 20 percent identifying as Hispanic, 15 percent African American and 5 percent Asian.

Multicultural millennials are mostly urban, up to a third of them live with their parents and they have distinct shopping and eating patterns.

Multicultural millennials are family oriented, concerned about health and value, and want to know a lot about where their food comes from and the values of the companies that make it. These are some shopping patterns relative to this portion of the millennial generation:

  • Savvy shoppers – looking for a good deal, but never compromise on quality
  • Freshness is the most important aspect
  • Want the latest and greatest products and tend to make impulse purchases.
  • Less committed to traditional grocery channels for food; more open to specialty, online and big box channels
  • 47 percent are willing to buy a brand because they support a cause
  • More likely to spend more for goods and services that implement programs that give back to society.
  • 60 percent are also willing to pay more for a product if it’s good for the environment.

Technology/social media

  • Hispanic millennials are 66 percent more likely to connect via mobile than non-Hispanic White millennials; they are twice as likely to own a tablet.
  • The top 20 smart phone apps multicultural millennials own are either retail or discount focused.
  • Social media greatly impacts their relationship with brands.
  • Millennials are engaged in activities such as ratings product and services
  • Millennials are far more likely to favor brands that have Facebook pages and mobile device applications.
  • Millennials want to interact with companies via social media; they want to feel like they are having a personal, direct interaction with a brand. In return, they will advocate for your brand.

Food attitudes

  • 5 of 10 Millennials refer to themselves as “foodies.”
  • They want to stay on top of current food trends and seek out new places with unique flavors and great atmosphere.
  • Multicultural millennials have strong ties to the recipes of their home country and their moms and grandmothers are big food influencers.
  • Food is not just nourishment; it is self expression and entertainment

Source:, 5-9-2014

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