Millennials, Hispanics driving organic product growth

admin | January 22nd, 2019 - 9:27 pm

Millennials are spending 14 percent more on organic products this year compared to last, while Hispanic consumers lead other ethnic groups, spending over 13 percent more on organic products compared to a year ago, according to Nielsen data. 

The market research firm reported that organic products sales now account for more than $21 billion in sales and are up nearly 9 percent in dollars and 8 percent in units.

“Where the average American household is spending just 0.2 percent more across overall fast-moving consumer goods, the pace of purchasing happening among organic goods is exceptional and is breathing life into otherwise flat or contracting aisles of the store,” Nielsen noted. 

Of the top 10 categories with the highest organic dollar sales, fresh chicken was ranked fifth, with $499 million in sales, up 11 percent over last year. Cow’s milk, pre-packaged salads, chicken eggs and nutrition bars rounded out the top five. 

Source:, 1-14-19

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