Maryland ProStart Student Invitational 2011

admin | March 2nd, 2011 - 1:06 pm

On Tuesday March 1st Chef Bryan Bernstein was the culinary and management competition for State champions in Maryland.  There were over 40 judges over seeing the event.  There were 18 high schools from across the State.  He judged the teams appearance, performance and skills while cooking.  There were judges for knife cuts, butchering a chicken, sanitation, tasting of appetizers, entrees and desserts and more.  Each team had one hour for the cooking competition where they were responsible for having 2 plates for each course.  1 for show and 1 for the judges to taste and grade.  The winner of the competition goes to Nationals in May in Kansas.

Saval was the Culinary Sponsor this year under the platinum sponsor, McCormick

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