March Madness Pub Fare-Chicken Wings

March 26, 2013
March 28, 2013

Basketball fans, it’s down to the March Madness Sweet 16! And whether you’re a Syracuse Orange fan or a Louisville Cardinals lover, you need sustenance to get through the games (all eight of ‘em).

In our world that means plates piled high with chicken wings, those meaty, spicy bites that satisfy and add a little heat to the madness. Make up a batch from one of these recipe ideas or make all four and pass them around.

Buffalo is home to the classic wing. Buffalo Wings depend on hot pepper sauce, paprika, and cayenne to make them far from mild. And blue cheese dip is there to cool things down… just in case.

You can make Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings a couple of days ahead of time. The flavor will deepen, and it will take no time at game time to set them up with celery and let the madness begin. Chili powder, and red and black peppers give them heat, and store-bought barbecue sauce makes them easy!

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings bring a little island flavor to the classic snack. Orange and lime juices, jerk seasoning, and soy sauce create a bright marinade and a wildly flavored wing. Serve them with a traditional tomato salsa or a sweetly fruity Mango Salsa.  Crank up some Bob Marley CD’s during half-time and you’ll be ready to roll.

Maybe you find enough heat on the court and prefer to nosh on the sweet-sour Asian flavors of these Thai Chicken Wings with Peanut Sauce. Creamy peanut butter mixes with lime juice, soy sauce, and ginger to flavor and tenderize the wings during 5 to 6 hours in the slow cooker.

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