Latest Restaurant Promotions Highlight Health, Not Calories

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January 15, 2015
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January 19, 2015

One week into the New Year, restaurant chains know consumers have stuffed themselves silly with holiday indulgences for several weeks and are now looking to cut back.

These days, however, low-calorie menus are standard year-round fare. The challenge of this diet season is to appeal to New Year’s resolutions in a way that stands out from the crowd.

Restaurant chains have focused on what they’re taking away, the negative aspects of a healthy lifestyle. By taking some bar-and-grill favorites and give them a makeover. You still wanted them to be low calorie, because everyone knows that’s important to people. But just focused on the positives.

Some chains are putting existing healthful items front and center this month.

A Miami-based chain is enhancing its reduced-calorie lineup with a marketing push that taps the motivational power of trim young models frolicking on a beach and eating salad.

When a popular Mexican chain created Sofritas, their goal was to create a delicious vegetarian option, but quickly learned that it also appeals to many of our non-vegetarian customers. This promotion is designed to expose even more of our customers to Sofritas and hopefully give them one more reason to love their chain.

Meanwhile, two ice cream chains are thumbing their noses at New Year’s resolutions, taking the opportunity to promote indulgence at a time of moderation.

The Atlanta-based chains, have declared Jan. 17 “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day.” Customers can buy one item and get one free if they say they are ditching their New Year’s resolution. They can also claim it on Facebook.

It has been read that people are more likely to stick to resolutions long term if they allow themselves an occasional treat.

Source:, 1-9-2015

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