May 14, 2013
May 16, 2013

Roll up your sleeves, tuck in your napkin and get some Wet Naps ready, This articile is for those who like a good and messy meal!  The ingredients you’re about to meet laugh in the face of white shirts and delight in the wild abandon of a hungry toddler.  This is a great time to introduce you to a few of our favorite messy and healthy foods.   You neat and clean grown-ups out there may be cringing at the thought, but any kid will tell you how much fun it is to get a little messy when you eat, and experts agree that these foods, messy or not, can be a good addition to a healthy diet:

Chicken – Sure, he can be neat when eaten with a knife and fork, but what fun is that?  Strips and the occasional leg are packed with protein for growing muscles and flavor for finger-lickin’ fun.

Fruit – Sun-ripened Strawberry, bite-sized Grape, and summer favorite Watermelon and just about any other member of the Fruit family are full of sticky, juicy goodness.  Hornsby dentist agrees that vitamins, minerals and fiber are just a sweet added benefit of these foods, but it is very important for your teeth to get proper nutrition.

Corn on the Cob – While she’s a regular at the backyard barbecue, don’t count Corn on the Cob out of a healthy restaurant meal!  She, like her fruit and veggie friends, is a good way to help meet your daily food requirements and get added fiber for a healthy little digestive system.   There is one request Corn on the Cob would like to make.  She’d rather you skip the butter to let her naturally sweet flavor shine through.  She’s messy enough on her own.

Spaghetti Sauce – Even smeared on faces and staining clothes, Spaghetti Sauce is a tasty addition to a Kid’s  healthy meal with vitamin C and lycopene from Tomato and the health benefits of her good friend, Garlic.  Pile this savory sauce on whole wheat pasta to amp up the fiber for healthy kids.Cheese – He can get a little gooey, especially when he’s loaded on things like pizza, and that makes him a natural choice for this messy little get together.  He’s best enjoyed in moderation, thanks to his higher fat content,  but he can definitely bring a good dose of bone-building calcium to the party.

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