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September 3, 2013
September 19, 2013

Manfluence : How men are changing meat shopping … or are they?


New research shows more men are doing the grocery (and meat) shopping, but it also found there are fewer difference between male and female shoppers than you might think.

forty-seven percent of men surveyed were responsible for at least half of the grocery shopping and meal preparation for their household. Of those, 58 percent said they were responsible for all the grocery shopping.  To identify the impact for the meat industry, only meat and poultry consumers were surveyed.

It was learned that there weren’t major differences between the two genders when it came to shopping for and consuming fresh meat and poultry. This was especially true when it came to behaviors that are traditionally thought to be done solely by women, like coupon clipping and preplanning.

Of these “manfluencers,” 77 percent make the grocery list, 74 percent clip or print coupons, 72 percent price compare between stores and 59 percent check store websites for sales.

Manfluencers are also pretty tech savvy when it comes to shopping; 65 percent own a smart phone, of whom 30 percent use an app to make their grocery list, 36 percent use a coupon app and 31 percent price compare on their phone while shopping.

Meat shopping
When shopping for meat, 66 percent of these male shoppers said they are always on the lookout for the best deal when shopping for beef, pork and chicken; 58 percent said they are conscious of what they spend on beef, pork and chicken and 48 percent said they spend 5 to 10 minutes shopping for fresh meat.

Grilling still reigns: 88 percent of these men said they do the grilling for their household and 45 percent said that they always or sometimes use a meat thermometer.

These findings reveal that male consumers have changed, and it’s time for the meat industry to reevaluate its target shopper.

There are opportunities to educate both men and women on the characteristics and benefits of different grades of beef, definitions for specialty meats like natural and organic, meal suggestions and cooking tips.

Manfluencers say they eat, and therefore purchase, more beef and pork more often than women say they do. There’s an opportunity to promote directly to these guys when developing sales information and educating them on new cuts and their uses to increase meat purchases.

The survey also suggested male shoppers are more likely to find grocery shopping exciting and therefore probably more open to marketing when they are in the store. Make shopping more fun and educational by engaging them at the meat case.

A third of both male and female shoppers believe branded products are better than generic/store/private label brands and think they are worth paying more for.

There is an opportunity for both branded and private label meat to learn from this and adjust their marketing plans.  Manfluencers are more likely than women to be interested in purchasing certain value-added meats offered in the full service meat case. Be sure to promote their availability to these guys.

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