Handy Dip Tips!

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October 24, 2012
October 26, 2012

Party Time Dip Tips.
*  Can’t decide how much to make? 
      Cocktail Party:  12 pieces per person
      Dinner Party:  Four to five pieces per person for an early meal.  Six pieces per person for a later meal.
      Variety:  Eight different appetizers, if 50+ people; Four or five different appetizers for 20+ people; Three different appetizers for small gatherings.
*Grocery bills can add up fast when you’re planning a party.  Be sure to plan ahead and check your local grocery ads for great deals on fresh produce, cheeses and dressing to help keep costs down for your party.
*To help you “keep your cool” on party day, prepare as many recipes as possible ahead of time. 
*When taking appetizers on the road, store in a covered plastic container with a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the dip to prevent it from turning brown.
*Store cold dips in the refrigerator unitl it’s time to go, then transport them safely in an insulated cooler packed with ice.
*Some types of glass baking dishes come with tight fitting lids.  Assemble a layered dip in one of these types of dishes, then simply remove the lid when you get to the party!
*Transport creamy dips or spreads with veggie dippers separately in resealable plastic bags.  Transfer to serving bowls or platters just before serving. 
*Cutting vegetables or fruit into bite-size pieces can help discourage double dipping.
*Don’t let the vegetables get all the love – fruit platters can be a fun alternative!

Source:  Kraft.com, 10.23.12

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