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May 19, 2019
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As BBQ takes over the foodservice spotlight, there’s one sleek, shiny accompaniment that isn’t on the menu: black nitrile gloves. One of the most popular gloves for the task for a myriad of reason, this glove is coming to be tightly correlated with trendy chefs on TV and on the hands of experienced pitmasters. From their ability to be used around heat, to their toughness and cool look, black nitrile gloves are the glove for the job.

Work Well Around Heat

The nitrile material that black nitrile gloves are made of is perfect for use around heat. It’s important to point out that these gloves are not heat resistant. However, they will hold their own around moderate heat as opposed to more sensitive gloves, like poly, that may melt around a certain amount of heat. Black nitrile gloves are ideal for prepping meat before it’s cooked, and handling, cutting and serving hot meat.

Tough Material

Nitrile gloves are some of the toughest gloves as far as disposable gloves go. Keeping a glove light, comfortable and flexible can be difficult, but these gloves do the trick. Although not puncture-proof, black nitrile gloves are fairly resistant to punctures by sharp edges and tools. They work well when breaking down meats and handling bones.

Sleek Look

Of all the colors of the rainbow, black sure does look cool. It also looks very professional and its elegant, neutral color makes it perfect for even fine dining operations. Besides its sleek look, black nitrile discreetly hides grease and stains, perfect for cooking or serving BBQ right in front of customers.

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