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April 28, 2019
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With 70% of all breakfast orders eaten off-premises, it’s clear consumers are strapped for time in the morning! In fact, portability is more important in the morning than any other core daypart.† This fact makes delivery and grab n’ go all the more important when planning your breakfast menu.

Consumer Highlights

  • Delivery has become a driving force with consumers who are truly looking to save time. Delivery of breakfast grew over 20% just this past year.†
  • Over half (53%) of breakfast consumers say they are looking for something convenient when selecting a breakfast item.*
  • Breakfast consumers would like to see more grab ‘n go options – especially millennials (40%) and Gen X (37%).*
  • Breakfast Handheld orders have consistently grown each of the past five years…up 14% at the morning meal daypart since 2013.†

Menu Highlights

With portability and variety driving many of today’s breakfast dining decisions, it is no surprise breakfast handhelds and breakfast bowls are showing up more on menus.+

Breakfast Sandwiches are featured on over 50% of breakfast menus…up 4% this past year.+

  • Breakfast Wraps/Burritos are found on 27% and have grown 5% on breakfast menus compared to a year ago+.
  • Breakfast Bowls grew 90% on menus compared to a year ago.†
  • Not only are Breakfast Handhelds and Bowls highly portable, but they can be easily customized to suit consumer cravings:

–– Allow consumers to pick their own carrier. Formats growing in popularity are tacos, quesadillas, brioche, French toast and pizza.+

–– Proteins gaining attention are fried eggs, poached eggs, chicken sausage, brisket, turkey sausage and fried chicken.+

–– Other flavors and ingredients trending up are bacon jam, hollandaise, chipotle, maple and avocado.+

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