Giving Dairy a Boost!

Supper Visits to Restaurants Rebounding!
July 15, 2011
Paul Saval, President & CEO of Saval Foodservice
July 19, 2011

Giving Dairy a Boost at Retail.

Five key consumer trends will guide successful products in the coming year, and milk and cultured dairy products are no exception.

Launches of new dairy-based food products have been down of late, due to two main reasons. Retailers are getting rid of poor performers, and no one is noticing.  Still, new dairy products entering the market stand a good chance of success if they follow one or more of the following trends:

Redefining Natural.
There’s a lack of understanding by consumers about what “all natural” really means. As such, product developers are putting a stronger focus on products’ inherent goodness. Dairy’s in a good spot for this. For example, look at the “meteoric sales” of Greek-style yogurt as a successful product known for its goodness qualities: low fat, creamy and high in protein.

Blending Categories.
Such as dairy based cereal drinks, which are popular in Latin America. This presents cross-promotional opportunities.

Small indulgences that are inexpensive but tailored for adult tastes are hot right now. There’s a lot of potential for flavored milks, more than just strawberry, chocolate and vanilla for kids.

New Retro.
More companies are looking to the past for packaging and commercials, to make it relevant for consumers today with “throwbacks” with vintage packaging and cane sugar; milk in glass bottles; Old fashion soda bottles and cans.

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