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 Important Notification to Customers- Product Recall

Gold Medal and Pillsbury Hotel & Restaurant Flour and Gold Medal Wondra

July 1, 2016– General Mills announced today an expansion to the May 31st, 2016 recall involving Gold Medal Flour. Pillsbury Flour and Gold Medal Wondra due to the potential presence of E. coli O121. The recall is being expanded due to a newly reported illness that appears to have stemmed from the consumption of raw dough or batter linked to flour produced last fall.

The Products being recalled and shipped by Saval Foodservice are as listed below.  Please note the plant code at the end of the code date; Only General Mills flour produced on the impacted dates with plant code “KC” are included in this recall:

Item #81061 – General Mills H&R Flour 1/50#

Item #81062 – Pillsbury H&R All Purpose Flour  2/25#

Item #81098 0 Gold Medal H&R All Purpose Flour 1/25#

This recall only applies to the specific product and date code listed above.

We are asking your immediate help to do the following:


  1. Please review your inventory and place the affected packages with date codes that correspond to the products listed above.


  1.  If you find product wth the affected code dates and plant code, please record the number of cases in your inventory and include the case code information and then destroy that product.


  1. Please contact your Saval Customer Service Representative regarding credit for your itemized destroyed product assocaited with the date codes listed below.


  1. If you have finished product made with the recalled flour or product out of your control and can confirm it was prepared with flour from the impacted code dates, please work with your local FDA office to determine the appropriate next steps.


  1. Please direct any consumer inquires to the consumer hot line at 1-800-243-5687 or visit


We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause your organization


Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

  Description Case or Package UPC Code Case Date Code
  Gold Medal Hotel & Restaurant Bakers All-Purpose Enriched Flour Bleached , 1/50# 100-16000-14314 08NOV2015KC, 09NOV2015KC, 25NOV2015KC, 02DEC2015KC, 03DEC2015KC
  Gold Medal Hotel & Restaurant Bakers All-Purpose Enriched Flour Bleached , 2/25# 100-16000-14317 12NOV2015KC, 13NOV2015KC, 22NOV2015KC, 25NOV2015KC, 01DEC2015KC, 02DEC2015KC, 03DEC2015KC, 04DEC2015KC
  Gold Medal H&R Bakers All Purpose Bleached Enriched Flour, 25lb 100-16000-14323 11NOV2015KC


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