Fun Food Trivia

October 6, 2011
Chef’s Choice – Chicken Wings from Around the World
October 10, 2011

1.  What did Wrigley Company do to promote its chewing gum nationwide in 1914?
Answer:  It mailed Doublemint gum to everyone listed in U.S. phone books.

2.  What are the five frequently consumed fruits in the United States?
Answer:  The banana, apple, watermelon, orange and cantaloupe (according to the Food & Drug Administration).

3.  What recipe did Texas ice-cream maker Elmer Doolin buy for $100 from the owner of a San Antonio cafe in 1933 – – and use to make a fortune?
Answer:  The recipe for tasty corn chips that he marketed as Fritos.  He made them at night in his mother’s kitchen and peddled them from his Model-T-Ford.

4.  When was coffee first sold in sealed tin cans in the United States?
Answer:  In 1879 – – by Chase & Sanborn.

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