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January 27, 2011
USDA Issues New Dietary Guidelines
February 8, 2011

I see a lot of chefs that prefer to process there own proteins in house. My first question to them is what do they do with the by-products? Most are able to use them in other dishes that they make, however there are some that try to do the best they can but sometimes end up just throwing them away after a stay in there freezer. Here at Saval we offer several steak or chop ready items that will eliminate the build up of by-products in the freezer. One of the items that seems to have to most by-products is tenderloin. With cutting this product you end with some very nice by-products such as tips and medallions, but you also have about 25% trim that tends to be unusable. We make a steak ready tender, that tender will be completely cleaned and ready to portion. You will still have the very usable tips and medallions, but you will not have the trim to worry about. The next item is a steak ready NY strip. This item while it is fairly easy to process there tends to be problems with the less desirable (vein end). We remove the entire Vein end and the product is trimmed to a ¼ inch fat cap. The last item is a chop ready Frenched pork rack. This is a 10 bone rack that has been frenched and has a 1inch tail. You cut right between the bones easily to produce beautiful Frenched pork chops. All of our items are processed fresh to order so please don’t hesitate to call your Saval rep or customer service today.

Item Numbers:  Steak ready tenderloin-57067; Steak ready NY strip-57580; 10 bone chop ready pork rack-69885.

Source:  Leroy Elichelberger, Center of the Plate Specialist, Saval Foodservice

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