Fish Tacos & Recipe

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May 13, 2011
“Local” Trend is Catching On
May 19, 2011

Fish is gaining on chicken and beef tacos.

With the popularity of Mexican menu items still increasing, combined with the fast casual boom, Mexican food is more popular than ever.   One of the most notable report findings is that although chicken and beef are still the most prevalent ingredients in tacos, the number of fish tacos on restaurant menus was up 22% from the first half of 2009 to the first half of 2010.

The rise in popularity of Mexican foods is the culmination of a number of factors all converging in foodservice.  Mexican concepts fit well into the fast casual model.  Consumers are also calling for authentic ethnic dining experiences and spicier, more flavorful foods.  Therefore, Mexican concepts and menu items are on trend in a number of ways right now.

Fish Tacos Recipe
1 lb fresh fish fillets (good fish for tacos are firm fish like swordfish or shark)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
1 dozen corn tortillas (3 per person)
Vegetable oil or butter
1 ripe Avocado
Cabbage (or iceberg lettuce)
Cider Vinegar

1.  Prepare the salsa.  Either use store bought or make your own. 
2.  Prepare the cabbage and avocado.  Thinly sliced cabbage.  Put in a small serving bowl.  Sprinkle with cider vinegar (about a Tbsp) and salt (about a tsp).  Mix in the vinegar and salt.  Peel avocado and remove seed.  Chop and reserve for later.
3.  Heat the tortillas.  Unless you have made fresh tortillas from scratch, you will need to soften them somehow.  One way to easily soften and heat a tortilla is to simply heat it in the microwave for 20-25 seconds on high heat, on top of a napkin or paper towel to absorb the moisture that is released. 
4.  Cook the fish.  Soak the fish fillets in cold water for at least one minute.  Pat dry with a paper towel.  Place fish in heated skillet with a couple of teaspoons of olive oil.  Fish should be barely translucent when cooked.  Do not overcook the fish.  Remove from pan when done to a separate plate.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
5.  Place the plate of tortillas, the plate of fish, the salsa, the cabbage, and the avocados on the table and let everyone assemble their own.

Source: 4/28/11

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