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December 23, 2009
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January 27, 2011

Foodservice operators seeking to build sales are turning to catering as an opportunity to increase business without having to expand.

As foodservice operators seek ways to build sales, many find that catering provides an opportunity to multiply the number of meals served without having to add a single table or chair to their facilities.

Not only does catering business present a way to grow revenue among an existing base, it’s also a way for operators to draw new customers.

Some consider this as a marketing tool, a way to touch 200 to 300 (potential new) customers at once.  This is especially true during the holiday season.  You can reach out to several customers at one time and continue to renew that relationship each year for the same holiday catering function.

Foodservice operators readily agree that catering business from real estate agents, corporate offices, family parties, weddings and conferences is readily available.  With good marketing, the proper menu mix and reliable customer service, food operators can turn a one-time catering job into a repeat customer.

Diversification has been the key to the success of sales growth in catering.  By offering dining options at sports venues, weddings, conferences and other corporate events, you can build a loyal base of customers who can dine on your fine specialties.  This is an opportunity to shine as foodservice operator.

Skilled caterers also warn that catering meals sometimes require more preparation and labor than restaurants expect.  We caution foodservice operators that different catering jobs require varying levels of service.  Caterers must help their customers choose foods that are appropriate for the facility, the available cooking equipment and the type of service that will be used.  Counseling is a big part of the catering business.  When you’re selling your client, you want to explain what items are better then others to meet their needs.

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