nina | July 23rd, 2012 - 9:00 am

Summer in Howard County means just-picked corn, juicy peaches, fresh-from-the-fields Swiss chard and other locally grown ingredients.

In the past few years, the food world has developed an increasing fondness for locally grown fare, which many believe is fresher, tastier, more beneficial to local farmers and economies, and better for the environment since it doesn’t travel far. But the concept of local sourcing is hardly new to local chefs and restaurant owners, or to Howard County Tourism & Promotion, which assigned a “Farm-2-Table” theme to its first summer Restaurant Week five years ago.

The tourism office organizes Restaurant Weeks twice a year, with an international theme in winter and farm-to-table in summer.

During the summer Restaurant Weeks, which this year runs July 18 through Aug. 6, chefs are encouraged to use local ingredients as often as they can.

This year, the Farm-2-Table event will take place over 20 days, up from two weeks in the past. As in past years, about 20 restaurants have signed up.

Farms that supply local restaurants are also being highlighted. Restaurant Weeks has been instrumental in bringing the growers and the preparers together. 

Source:, 7.16.12

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