nina | January 23rd, 2013 - 9:00 am

The American Egg Board and Egg Nutrition Center compiled the following list of top egg trends for 2013:

Protein at all meals will be evident in 2013. High-quality protein, found in foods like eggs, is the secret to staying fuller longer, helping people trim calories and their waistlines.

Expect to see increased growth in the restaurant breakfast category, with quick service restaurants continuing to lead the way. 

Expect more chains to add fried egg creations to keep customers satisfied with new and innovative breakfast menu items. Plan to see upgraded quality and ingredients paired with eggs like avocados, mushrooms, flavored sausages, upscale cheeses, as well as upgraded prep techniques like toasted breads and fried eggs. 

Food trucks will focus on breakfast as a way to break into the category without competing in the lunch day timeframe. Items like egg sandwiches on flatbreads to meat proteins being paired with eggs will lead the culinary exploration.

Innovative egg dishes using fresh vegetables, ethnic flavors and spices will be popular for chefs and home cooks alike. 

With more than 20-plus functions — ranging from nutritional to physical to sensory to shelf life — egg products offer food formulators a wide range of uses.

Egg ingredients can help promote positive packaging messages especially to keep trans fats at zero or indicate a higher protein content.

Source:, 1.17.13

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