Egg Costs Fall From Record as Chicken Flocks Rebound From Flu

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November 20, 2015
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November 24, 2015

U.S. retail egg costs fell in October from a record reached after prices soared 52% in the previous four months following the poultry industry’s loss of 48 million birds caused by avian influenza.

Egg prices declined 5.3 percent to $2.808 a dozen from the all-time high of $2.966 in September, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Tuesday. The drop was the biggest since May 2014. In September, the number of laying hens rose for the third straight month, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, $ per dozen

We started to see the bird population rebound, and people were looking at ways to reduce or replace their egg products.

U.S. egg imports in 2015 will double to a record 80.9 million dozen, the agriculture agency said on Nov. 10.

High prices spurred producers to ramp up output, while processors boosted imports.

Consumers should be expecting to see higher prices at retail” because of limited promotions for the holiday season, compared with a year earlier.

Of the 48 million birds wiped out by flu, at least 32 million were egg-laying chickens, USDA data show. The last avian influenza case was detected on June 17.
Source:; 11-17-2015

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