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The calendar may say it’s autumn, but the heat is still screaming summer. In fact, the record drought is taking a toll on a classic symbol of fall.

The stage has been set for the celebrations of autumn. If only the weather would follow suit.
The corn mazes are ready to go. So are the geese, goats and the racing pigs. But the biggest draw this time of year is the pumpkins.

It’s been so dry in some parts of the country that farmers didn’t even bother to plant pumpkins this year, instead opting to buy them from farms in other parts of the country.

A lot of farmers had a total loss on their crop. And they’re going to be really hard to find.  They are also going to be 15 percent more expensive, not to mention smaller. Texas production of pumpkins has been cut in half by the drought, and Hurricane Irene took a toll on production in the northeast.

Talk about feast or famine—October accounts for about 75 percent of some farmers annual business.

A lot of people have no intention of buying pumpkins, but they bring small kids out to farms and their families and take a thousand photos and buy Fall produce and food.

After all is said and done, the farms with fall festivities will have truck loads of pumpkins shipped in.  Each load weighs approximately 40,000 pounds with freight charges probably costing more than the pumpkins themselves.

So hug your pumpkin and show your appreciation this Fall season!

Source:  khou.com sept 2011

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