Driver Jose Gonzalez Deemed A Bike Lane Hero

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October 26, 2021
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November 24, 2021

Saval CDL Driver Feedback

We love hearing from the community about our incredible drivers who have been working so hard the past few months.

We recieved some awesome feedback on Twitter from user @SarahCGilliand saying that our driver was “calm and courteous” as she made her way through the infamous 11th & NY bike lane. In a series of tweets, Sarah went on to say
Where other drivers cut me off, honk, scream etc, he calmly yielded as I made my way safely through the area, and I never felt scared or intimidated. Thank you! Now THAT’s what I love to see from commercial drivers. And all drivers. #dcbike #VisionZero
Even though this is the bare minimum for driving safety standards, we appreciate the shoutout and have given Jose the award!