Craft brewers experiment with coffee flavors

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March 19, 2015
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Brewing Companies craft coffee flavor into a lighter beer style

Since the time coffee was introduced to North America during the Colonial period, it has continued to climb in popularity, according to the National Coffee Association. Last year, the New York-based association found that 61 percent of Americans drink coffee every day. This popularity has extended from coffee beans and ground coffees to ready-to-drink coffees, single-cup coffees, and even coffee blended into other beverage categories, like energy drinks.

As one of the most-consumed beverages in the world, coffee’s flavor, natural energy and high antioxidant content appeal to a large number of consumers. These benefits, combined with its versatility as an ingredient, allow beverage-makers to blend coffee ingredients into virtually any type of beverage.

Most recently, ingredient suppliers are noticing growing interest in coffee essences, extracts and other types of ingredients within the craft beer market. The increased interest in using coffee in craft beers has coincided with the craft beer boom in the United States and abroad. Craft breweries are continually looking to innovate by incorporating non-traditional ingredients into their beers.

Synergy Flavors’, in many ways, coffee can be a good match for beer. They are both ‘brown flavors,’ … and the coffee can provide some interesting roasted nutty notes that complement some beers.

Source:, 3-16-2015

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