nina | October 5th, 2011 - 9:00 am

General Rule of the Brew. 
A guide to perk up your dessert menu.

Pair richer desserts with darker roasts, and lighter desserts with lighter roasts.  Once you’re satisfied with your selection, do a taste test and see what matches up best with your menu.

Light-Roast Coffee.   Characterized by a smooth, mellow taste and golden-brown color.  Try with:
    * Light cakes, cookies & loaves.
    * Cooked-fruit desserts, such as a crisp, compote or cobbler.
    * Desserts with fresh fruit, such as a atart, shortcake or meringue.

Medium-Roast Coffee.  Well-rounded and robust with a deep, brown color.  Try with:
    * Creamy desserts with light textures, such as creme brulee, tiramisu or flan.
    * Spiced desserts, such as carrot cake and apple pie.
    * Lighter-style desserts that still hold some decadence, such as cheesecakes with fresh fruit or whipped-chocolate   parfaits.

Dark-Roast Coffee.  Bold, rich and full of body.  Try with:
    * Coffee-flavored desserts, such as mocha cake or espresso ice cream.
    * Decadent desserts, such as dense cheesecake or ice cream.
    * Grains, such as muffins, biscotti, scones, or croissants.
    * Rich chocolate desserts, such as cake, sundaes, mousse or truffles.
    * Desserts with caramel and/or nuts.

Tips for Brewing a Great Cup of Coffee:  The right coffee and dessert pairing is important, but making sure that the coffee you serve tastes great is even more essential.

Here are 3 reminders for making the coffee grade:
1.  Correct coffee pack size for your equipment.
2.  The right equipment for the right brew.
3.  Clean water and instruments.

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